Links Related to Recent FCGS Meetings and Programs

At the March membership meeting, Cindy Green shared information about recorded sessions from  RootsTech available (at no charge) online. The main URL for the site is, and access to videos of presentations for this year’s conference can be found at .

In discussing “Forgotten Communities” at the February membership meeting, Chris Jordan mentioned a publication called “Winston-Salem’s African-American Neighborhoods: 1870-1950.” The .pdf file can be accessed at

• Cyndi’s List Lots of material and information linked here

Genealogical Societies
• North Carolina Genealogical Society
• National Genealogical Society
• American Ancestors (New England Historical and Genealogical Society) Some of the databases here can be accessed for free by nonmembers who register and log in.

Libraries and Archives
• State Library of NC-Genealogy Research
• Hege Library of Guilford College-Quaker Genealogy
• Moravian Archives (Winston-Salem)
• North Carolina Room, Forsyth County Public Library and

Local History
Records of the Moravians in North Carolina These volumes include translated excerpts from various documents, including the diaries kept by pastors of the various Moravian congregations in Wachovia. They provide a great deal of information not only about the Moravians who lived in Wachovia but also about their neighbors in this area. Volumes in the Internet Archive can be searched and even downloaded.
Volume 1 (1752-1771)
Volume 2 (1752-1775)
Volume 3 (1776-1779)
Volume 4 (1780-1783)
Volume 5 (1784-1792)
Volume 6 (1793-1808)
Volume 7 (1809-1822)
Volume 8 (1823-1837)
Volume 9 (1838-1847)
Volume 10 (1841-1851)
Volume 11 (1852-1879)
Volume 12 (1856-1866)
• There are other useful resources in the Internet Archive ( Here are a few examples:
Chas. Emerson & Co.’s Winston, Salem & Greensboro, North Carolina directory ( for 1879. There are a number of other directories, mostly from the first half of the 20th century.

Local Families
The Jarvis Family and Other Relatives ( has helped us quite a bit, though remember someone else’s research provides clues and always has to be researched.